Incendiary Ball of Hate

During and after the 2020 election campaign, Donald Trump had two choices, either cool the temperature down or raise the fires to burning hate levels. We know which way he went. Here are just a few examples.

During the George Floyd aftermath, where he could have calmed the country down, he just heightened racial tensions. He wanted the protests crushed by the national guard and the military. Cooler heads prevailed. To show his manliness, this was after he was whisked to the White House bunker, he had the peaceful protesters cleared out at Lafayette Park with tear gas, so that Trump could walk out and hold the bible upside down. Mark Esper, in his book. stated that Trump had asked, of the protesters, “can’t we shoot them, just at the knees or something?”

During the hot summer of 2020, many states enforced masked mandates. One of these states was Michigan. Trump started complaining about mandates, making statements such as “let your people go” and “free Michigan”. On October 7, 2020, a total of 13 people were arrested for plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Their goal was to kidnap her, put her on trial and then execute her. Trump could have turned down the heat. Trump could have condemmed the action. Rather, he came to Michigan and heightened his rhetoric, calling for the governor to be locked up.

Trump complained bitterly about various election officials throughout those states where he lost. He did not stop. He kept ramping it up. Officials begged him to stop given the numerous death threats that they were receiving. Death threats are still occurring. Does not matter to him.

Then, of course, January 6. More and more evidence is coming out that he wanted January 6 to be “wild”. He called on a few occasions for his supporters to come out on January 6, actually saying “its going to be wild”. On that day, as the insurrection unfolded, for 187 minutes, he did nothing, sweet F$%K all, other than watching gleefully on tv. This was despite the fact Mark Meadows, his chief of staff, was getting messages from those trapped at the capital, from Fox News talking heads and his own family to stop the madness. Nothing, despite the fact that Ivanka besieged him, personally, to stop this. Donald Trump, pathetic ball of hate.

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