Covid Numbers

Photo attributed to the US Secretary of Defense

A couple of days ago, the number of Americans that died from COVID reached one million. In Canada, the number is 40,000. On a per capita basis, the rate of COVIDS deaths in Canada, when compared to the States, is approximately one third.

Regarding vaccination rates, 86% of Canadians have received at least one vaccination dose, 83% at two doses and 54% have received a booster shot. American rates are lower, with 78% having received one dose, 67% at two doses and only 31% having received a booster.

I can think of two reasons, amongst others I am sure, as to why Canadian vaccination rates are higher, leading to lower per capita deaths.

First, Canada is more of a left leaning country than the States. We tend to trust our government leaders more than Americans do. In the early days of the pandemic, the favourability ratings of our Prime Minister and most of our Premiers were pretty high. For example, Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau, with two near opposite ideologies, both had high ratings. Both seemed empathetic and both trusted the science. Meanwhile Donald “just around the corner” Trump’s favourability ratings were dumpster level. He showed no empathy and with regard to science, well, he wanted to use bleach.

Second, Canada does not have a Canadian version of Fox News. There were far fewer opportunities to spread disinformation on COVID and on vaccines. Thankfully, we do not have a prominent Canadian version of Tucker Carlson.

So much for that.

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