Mikie and Barry

The January 6 Committee rolls on. So far, more than 1,000 people have been interviewed regarding events leading up to and including the January 6 riot. This chirp is just one story. Mikie Sherrill, a Democrat congresswoman from New Jersey, on January 12, 2021, accused Republic lawmakers of giving “reconnaissance” tours of the Capitol, prior to January 6. She said that these lawmakers had to be held accountable for their actions. Republicans were up in arms over the accusation. Barry Loudermilk, a Republican congressman, from Georgia, filed a complaint to the Ethics Committee, against Sherrill’s accusations. Loudermilk complained that Sherrill had no evidence supporting her accusation. He added that the accusation, by the congresswoman, without any evidence, was morally reprehensible. Furthermore, Loudermilk stated, that video evidence captured by the Capitol Police, proves that there were no “reconnasaince” tours given.

As mentioned, the January 6 Committee has interviewed over 1,000 people and have reviewed numerous videos. They have just issued a letter to Loudermilk, asking him to come for an interview. Their letter states that they believe Loudermilk has information on these tours, given that Loudermilk was giving such a tour. Apparently, the Committee has heard testimony from people who were either on the tour, and/or they have clear video evidence of Loudermilk giving such a tour.

What this shows, if proven true, is premeditation. People knew that the Capitol would be stormed on January 6. This gives added evidence that there was a conspiracy to put a wrench on the January 6 confirmation of the electoral votes. As more and more comes out, it is becoming more evident that the January 6 Committee will have to refer this entire mess to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for criminal investigation. A number of rioters have already been arrested and charged. Now, the conspirators better beware.

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