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Following the tragedy at Uvalde, the US is twisting itself in knots trying to bring in any form of increased gun control. As usual, there is strong opposition by the Republican right to any increased gun control. There is a bipartisan Senate efflort to bring in some change, but, there is little optimism that anything will happen.

In Canada, gun control legislation was introduced earlier this week. This legislation, if and when passed, will include:

a freeze on the purchase, sale, importation and transfer of handguns, in Canada;

buy back of banned assault weapons;

taking away of firearms licenses from those involved in domestic violence and criminal harassment;and,

increasing criminal penalties for smuggling and trafficking of firearms.

There are already differing opinions on this legislation with some saying this is too much, while others, including victims of gun violence, saying that the proposed legislation is toothless. Regardless, Canada has a much better handle, than our neighbours to the South, on the brutal insanity of gun violence. Most Republicans in the US will blame gun violence on everything but guns. The majority of Canadians recognize that amongst issues, such as mental health, guns are a key contributor to gun violence. Just having to type that last sentence seems ludicrous, given the obviousness of it.

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