We Won’t Report – You Can’t Decide

The Fox News network has used a few slogans over the years. Up until a few years ago the primary slogan was “Fair and Balanced.” They phased that one out. On the tv side they currently use “Most Watched. Most Trusted.” In a sense, that can’t be argued. A number of their prime time shows are the most watched of the cable news channels. Their viewers do trust them, though nobody else does. The network, primarily on Fox News radio, also uses the phrase “We report, you decide.” Last Thursday, over 20 million people and counting watched the January 6 Committee prime time hearing. Fox News had 3 milllion watching the hearing with no sound. Unless you were a lip reader, you had no idea what anyone was saying. When the 11 minute riot video was shown, Fox News veered the camera away from the screen showing the video.

Now, every male has one thing in common. When there is a commercial, a male will channel surf. It just is. Fox News was so afraid of people changing the channel that they did not run a single commercial during the two hour hearing. Instead, Fox News viewers got two hours straight of Tucker Carlson.

Fox News is so afraid of viewers getting information not spewed out by them. Of course, Fox News is involved, in this news story, given that some of their talking heads texted Mark Meadows on January 6, begging Meadows to tell Trump to stop the riot. One slogan going around is “Fox News is the first news network to plead the fifth”. Sooner or later, with the way Fox News is being mocked, they will probably have to carry the hearings live. “A chirp – you decide”. Sorry.

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