You Will Know him Soon

Who is Scott Perry. Well, if you don’t know about him, you will. He is a Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania. Liz Cheney, during the prime time Committee hearing stated that Perry, following the January 6 insurrection, sought a pardon from then President Trump. Cheney went on to add, that a number of Republican Congressmen, involverd in trying to overturn the election, also sought pardons. Perry has strongly denied this calling Cheney’s statement a soulless lie. Cheney says that the Committee has documented proof. Sources indicate that others in this group include Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar. As said, Cheney says that the Committee has documented proof and will provide such proof shortly. Why would these Republican Congressmen ask for pardons before being accused of a crime? The obvious answer is because they knew that they were committing criminal acts. Once this entire event concludes, and, it may take a couple of more years, Watergate will look like an innocent tea party.

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