Lesser of Two Evils

Mwerrick Garland is the currnent US Attorney General (AG). He leads the Department of Justice (DOJ) and its 15,000 employees. He has tried to keep the DOJ as apolitical as possible. Unlike the previous administration he does not do Biden’s will. Many have complained that DOJ has moved very slowly in relation to the January 6 insurrection. The prime time January 6 Committee hearing presented more evidence of Trump’s complicity in the insurrection. Garland has indicated that he is closely following the work of the January 6 Committee. Many, including myself, want Trump punished for his role in the way January 6 played out.

Merrick Garland is facing a near impossible decision. Should he indict Trump or not? Should he indict a former sitting President of the United States? Given the role that Fox News has played in this, where Trumpers believe that nothing of real consequence happened on that day, Garland has legitimite concerns that indicting Trump could lead to civil unrest and possibly civil war. But not indicting Trump could lead to the very end of American democracy as we know it. America could turn into a Russia like autocracy. Garland, if he is to indict, must cross every t and dot every i. Failure to do so could lead to anarchy. America, honestly, is at a crossroad in history.

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