High Plain Grifter

Attribution to Raffi Asdourian

Back in 1973, Clint Eastwood starred in a movie called :High Plains Drifter” He created anarchy, when he came to town, as a stranger, and proceeded to kill off all the bad guys. Donald Trump, a stranger to poltics, created anarchy in the country when he became President, in 2016. Trump, after his election loss, sent emails to his supporters, asking for donations. He asked his supporters to “step up to protect election integrity”. The money received would all go to the “Official Election Defense Fund”. There is a problem though. The fund does not exist. The money instead has gone to Trump’s newly created Save America PAC. The monies from this PAC have gone to Mark Meadows’ charity organization, some to a conservative organization employing former Trump staffers, some to the Trump Hotel Collection and $5 million went to a company that organized the January 6 rally that Trump held. Donald Trump Junior’s girlfriend received $60,000 for giving a two and a half minute speech at that rally. Trump is still asking for donations. Trump scammed his supporters for $250 million dollars. That has got to be the highest amount of grift ever scammed on a bunch of suckers. The sad part is that most of the monies raised came from “the little guys”, the ones who could least afford to be scammed. The January 6 committee promises to provide more details as to where the grifted money went. Looking forward to it.

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