She is Doing What?

Attrribution to Gage Skidmore

Ginny Thomas is the wife of US Suoreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. They have been married for 35 years.

Ms Thomas has always been politically active supporting conservative ideology. She has gone to extremes, as of late, considering the position her husband holds. She attended the Trump rally on January 6, thoufgh she did not go to the Capitol. Texts between her and Mark Meadows , after the 2020 election, shows her urging Meadows to support the false narrative that the election was fraudulently stolen. There are emails revealed that she urged the Arizona legislature to support the false electors in that state and declare Trump the winner. More details are coming out as to the role Ms. Thomas has played since the election, relating to her promotion and support of the “Big Lie”.

A Gallup Poll taken a few months back shows that the Supreme Court has their lowest approval rating ever. Results indicate that this unfavourable rating is because the Court has become too politicized. Geiing kind of worrisome that all three Executive Branches of the US are all being despised and mistrusted at levels never seen before

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