We Can Do it Too

Over the past number of years, the extreme right has been spreading misinformation on issues such as COVID and Trump’s “Big Lie”. One glaring example is that voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden. Supposedly, this involved a number of countries, as well as, Hugo Chavez from Venezuela. Chavez has been dead for a number of years. Even though, this conspiracy theory has been debunked, huge segments of the population still believe. It does not help that elements of Fox News and other right wing organizations keep pushing various conspiracy theories, until they are threatened with law suits.

The extreme left is now playing the same game. In Canada, there is the Klondike Papers. Supposedly, Stephen Harper and a number of powerful provincial and federal conservatives are being controlled by interests in Russia and the US. There is also a church involved, with numerous congregations, including a large one in Grand Prairie, Alberta. In the United States, there are rumours being pushed that Lauren Boebert, a Republican Congressloon from Colorado, has had two abortions and was, at times, a paid sex worker. The main stream media has picked up neither the Canadian or US story. The primary reason being that both stories are absurd. The thing is though, people will believe because they want to believe.

This is a road taken that will end up bad for everybody. The number of people who died from COVID due to bad information they received and chose to believe will never be known. Thanks Fox News. Thanks Donald (inject bleach) Trump. Thanks Pat King. A frightening example of consequences occurred in New Mexico. A Republican Commission refused to certify primary results because of their distrust of voting machines. This is after voting machine conspiracy theories have been debunked over and over again. Not good at all

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