Wallet or Democracy

Attribution to Laura Mason

In Canada, there is a Conservative leasership convention in September. Freedom convoy supporter, Pierre Poilievre, is favoured to win. The next federal election is not scheduled untikl 2025. The current inflation rate is 7.7%. The Conservatives promote themselves as the party of fiscal responsibility. The Liberals see Poilievre as a threat to our Canadian democracy. That being said, the next ferderal election is still three years away and things can change.

Things are much more precarious in the US. The January 6 Committee is detailing, explicitly, how close the US came to losing its democracy on January 6, 2021. If the Republicans take control of the House, this November, the January 6 Committee will be quashed and the Republicans will go on a vendetta. If Trump runs and wins in 2024, American democracy, as we know it, will be no more.

Easy choice. Vote Democrat, in November, so that the Democrats will retain control of the House. Vote in a Democrat majority in the Senate and there is a good chance that pro choice and stronger gun control measures could be passed. Not so easy choice though. The inflation rate is 9.1%. Gas prices are still high. Mortgage rates are rising. A possible recession could happen. The Republicans, rightly or wrongly, are known as the party of fiscal responsibilty. This is so, even though, both Barak Obama and Joe Biden inherited runaway deficits left by their predecessors. So, how will Americans vote this November? It is not an easy answer. If you are stuggling and facing rising prices at the grocery store and your mortgage payments are increasing because of higher interest rates, you might very well vote with your wallet. It is what it is.

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