Deplorables 5

Attribution to Michael Zimmermann – Own Work

A lot of breaking stories this week,, such as red state Kansas voting to protect abortion rights and the increasing number of missing texts, making Watergate look like child’s play. I will chirp on these later this week. But, I need to get this one off my chest. I am going to keep it short because I don’t want to waste any more effort on this piece of scum, than I have to.

Alex Jones is the most deplorable in North America, even worse than Trump. He is the one who spread the garbage that Sandy Hook never happened. (This is difficult to even type) He is facing a number of lawsuits from Sandy Hook families. In one trial, he never provided information requested. The judge ruled in favour of the Sandy Hook parents. There is now a trial to determine the amount of award. The parents are asking for $150 million. Justifiably they want to break him and his Infowars empire.

Jones is filing for bankruptcy. Jones is boasting that he will tie up litigation for years in doing this filing. Ass hole.

In the trial, one of the parents testified, Scarlett Lewis, in front of Jones, testified, in tears “Jesse (her murdered child) was real. I’m a real mom”. Throughout her testimony, Jones kept shaking his head. After the days proceedings, Jones went on his Infowars show and reiterated his stance that the massacre never happened and that the alledged parents are being controlled by dark forces. Oh, and the parents are getting death threats.

I’m done with this chirp. Going to take a long shower and clean the slime off me.

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