That Changes Things

There was a vote in red state Kansas, a couple of night ago, on abortion access. Pro life advocates thought this would be a slam dunk vote in their favour. The vote was held on a primary night, rather than a general election night, guaranteeing, the pro life advocates believed, a low voter turnout. The ballot question itself was very confusing. There was, (surprise surprise) a disinformation campaign where voters were told a no vote for abortion access meant yes. Finally, Joe Biden lost the state of Kansas in the presidential election, getting onlyy 41% of the vote.

The yes vote carried the day by 59% to 41%. The number of voters was almost double what is usually seen in Kansas primaries. To say that the result was stunning is an understatement. This is the first vote of its kind since Roe vs Wade was overturned. Two months ago, Republicans thought they would easily take the House of Congress back, in the November 2022 midterms. They also thought they could take the Senate back. They have been trying to downplay the Roe vs Wade decision. However, they could not have seen how the decision has galvanized voters. It has shown how Republicans have fallen out of step with the country. There had been talk, within Republican circles, of banning contraceptives. There had also been suggestions of again bannning gay marriage. What this vote shows is that there is a backlash against Republican extremism. The momentum is now with the Democrats. A chirp later this week will cover how Joe Biden has had a pretty good week himself. It is amazing how things can change.

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