Joe’s Great Week

Things haven’t been going too great for Joe Biden lately. His poll numbers have been tanking. Fox Propoganda (also known as Fox News) have been rubbing their hands in glee, then Joe gets COVID, twice. But what a difference one week brings.

A bipartisan bill aiding the domestic computer chip industry was passed. This will reduce America’s dependence on Chinese computer chips.

A bipartisan bill, known as the PACT Act, was passed to provide health coverage to US veterans affected by burn pits. This was a screwed up mess for the Republicans. Initially they approved a vote for it. Then they had a hissy fit when they found out that Joe Manchin was going to go along with the Inflation Reduction Act (more on this in a second). Republicans said they would not support the PACT Act. Jon Stewart, destroyed the Republicans. US veterans slammed the Republicans. The Republicans back down and the final vote was 86 to 11.

The Republicans were confident that the Inflation Reduction Act would never pass. Joe Manchin would never go for it. He went for it. This will mean a huge investment in climate change, increased Obamacare funding support for families and increased prescription drug price negotiation abilities for Medicare with Big Pharma. The Republicans are unhappy because this plan will be popular with voters. Added icing on the cake was when the other potential holdout, Kirsten Sinema, signed on.

The news kept getting better for Joe. The Senate approved the joining of Finland and Sweden to NATO by a vote of 96 to 1. The only no vote was, of course Josh Hawley, just because he is Josh Hawley. Gas prices have gone down for over 50 days in a row. There was a surprising upsurge in new jobs created. Also, there was Kansas. Oh, one more thing, Alex Jones, right wing hero, was ordered to pay $4.1 million to the Sandy Hook families on Thursday and there will be another much larger award soon As one Democrat strategist said “Joe had a f—-ing good week”. Enjoy it while you can Joe. Who knows what is going to happen next week.

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