Lies Upon Lies 2

Ok. I guess the Mar-a-lago documents are still the top story. This will be a short follow up of the lies Trump has used relating to thes documents, over the past 7 day.

DOJ could have just asked for the documents. We would have given them.

DOJ did ask. They issued a subpoena for the documents. There were 15 boxes picked up during a June meeting. A Trump lawyer signed a letter after that meeting stating that there was no more classified documents left at Mar-a-lago. Lie!!

I declassified the documents.

Really? When? You can’t do it retroactively. There is a process in place to declassify documents. There is no evidence of this process being used. Even if this sham argument has merit, just because you declassify documents, you had documents, of a nature (nuclear weapons) that can only be kept a secure government facility.

I had a standing order to declassify documents

A what? There is no such thing. There never was

The FBI planted the documents

What drugs are you taking. Do you know how many times that line has been used. Do you know what level of coordination would have been needed to take classified documents out of government facilities transport them to Mar-a-lago and plant them, in front of your lawyers?

These documents are confidential and priviledged and by copy of this truth please return them. Thank you?

Obviously you are on drugs.

Ted Cruz stated over the weekend that Richard Nixon said (after he resigned) that a President can not be indicted for a crime.

Do you really want to go there?

Meanwhile, death threats on FBI officials are explodoing

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