Calm Down

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

Caught just a bit of Tucker Carlson the other night. He was saying that things had to calm down The rhetoric was not helping, That is a a good start Tucker. Then he blamed everything on the left. Of course.

Aspiring House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, when asked about leaders needing to tone down the rhetoric blamed the situation on Attorney General Merrick Garland. He stated that Garland had a problem and that Trump was being treated unfairly. Elise Stefanik the number three House Republican claimed that Biden was weaponizing the Department of Justice against a potential 2024 presidential rival. She also intimated that once (if) the Republicans took over the House, they would bring it on and the Democrats better be ready. Republican Congressman Troy Nehls, of Texas, is urging Trump to run, in 2024, so that Trump could protect America from the corrupt DOJ and FBI. Then of course there is Marjorie Taylor Greene, with her “defund the FBI” campaign, t-shirts and all.

Republican appointed Bruce Reinhart, who approved the raid on Mar-a-lago, has received death threats. His name and address, along with same for the FBI agents, who conducted the search at Mar-a-lago, have been released by right wing operatives. The number of threats against the FBI and its agents have increased dramatically. On line right wing sites are seeing comments, such as, civil war and assassination, of figures, including Merrick Garland.

Things are coming to a boil. A Trump supporter in Ohio, carrying an AR-15, was shot and killed after he tried to break into an FBI office. Armed Trump supporters, dressed in camoflage uniforms, protested outside the Arizona state capitol. But its the left’s fault. Sure Tucker. What are you going to spout after an elected official is actually shot and killed?

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