Sanna Marin

Attribution to Finnish Government

This is Sanna Marin. She is a beauty. Wow. That is sexist. That is my point as you will see. She is the Prime Minister of Finland. She is 36 years old. She became Prime Minister at 34. After her parents seperated, when Sanna was very young, she was raised by her mother and her mother’s female partner. Sanna is the youngest government leader in the world.

Last week, videos were released showing Sanna dancing and having a good time, with her friends, at a private party. She was doing what any normal 36 year old woman would be doing, off work. So what. Well, uproar, big uproar.

Sanna has been criticized over the video. Her judgement has been put into question. Pure misogyny. If this had been some male leader doing the same thing, nothing would have been made of it. In Sanna’s case, she actually took a drug test, after the video’s came out, with the drug test coming out negative. Now, did Jason Kenney take a drug test after his Covid patio party was released? How about Boris Johnson? Nope. But a young vibrant female crashing the old boy’s heirarchy? Another story.

On a positive note, the twitterverse has erupted with women tweeting videos of themselves having a good timer, in support of Sanna. Sometimes males are as dumb as rocks. Abortion issue and now this.

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  1. Yup, you are right males are dumb as rocks, could be the problem with politics!

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