Nothing is Everything

Attribution to blinry – Own Work

There are commercials for a medication for psoriasis, with the theme being “nothing is everything”. In Trumpworld, these days, those words are becoming quite relevant. The inventory of materials, seized at Mar-a-Lago, includes 90 folders with nothing in them. These include 48 folders with a “classified” label on them and 42 folders with the following label “return to staff secretary or a military aide”.

The question, now, is, where are those files. Those on the left are theorizing that those files could have been passed on to parties that have no right to see them. A bit of reality here. We know that Trump has no respect for processes. Bluntly, he has no respect for things that should be done properly. He does it his way and that is it. A number of files were found that were not in folders. It is possible that Trump took the files out of all 90 of these folders and just scattered them around. If this is true, the question becomes “Well why did he take these files out of these 90 folders in the first place?” It is also possible (but unlikely) that in the last chaotic days of his presidency, that “stuff” were just thrown into boxes. This also begs a number of questions. In any bureaucracy, there could be a multitude of reasons why there are empty, labelled folders. Given the chaos that is Trump, there could be many legitimate reasons why those labelled folders are empty. But, at the same time, there could be many suspicious reasons as to why the folders are empty, as well as, why they were emptied in the first place. Will the reasons for the empty folders ever be found? Given the chaos that is Trump, unlikely. Hope I am wrong.

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