Beware Windows

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If you are a prominent Russian, who has voiced disagreements, with Putin, stay away from windows. Ravil Maganov, Chairman of the Board of Russia’s largest private oil company, in Russia, fell to his death from a sixth story hospital window, In March of this year, Maganov had called for a cessation of the war in Ukraine. Russian state media are calling it a possible suicide.

Maganov is one of a number of Putin dissenters who have fallen out of windows. A couple of examples include, Yegor Prosvirnin, who fell out of his fifth story residential apartment in December 2021, who predicted the collapse of the Russian Federation. This also includes another Putin critic, Dan Rapoport, a Latvian-American businessman who fell out his Washinton DC luxury apartment in August of this year.

Not all Putin critics have died falling out windows. Two oligarchs, critics of Putin, along with their families, died within 24 hours of each other, in April, of this year. One oligarch, with his family, were shot to death. The other oligarch was hung, while his family were hacked to death. Seems like if you go against Putin you have a good chance of not living long. Trump has been a friend, supporter, lackey of Putin. One wonders what dirt Putin has on Trump.

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