Time to Leave, Justin?

Attribution to European Parliament

Canada, since the late 1960’s, have had a trend, with some blips, of keeping one party in power for a lengthy period of time, then doing same for the other , predominant, party. True that Liberal Lester Pearson was in power in the mid 1960’s. When Pearson resigned in 1968, Canada was swept by a wave of Trudeaumania. Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals were in power for the next 16 years, except for a minor blip, in 1979-80, when Joe Clark (who?) and the Conservatives held power.

John Turner (you had a choice, sir) replaced Trudeau and became the sacrificial lamb for Brian Mulroney and the Conservatives, who help power for the next nine years. Mulroney retired and Kim Campbell replaced him and became the sacrificial lamb for Jean Chretien and the Liberals for the next ten years. Paul Martin had a scandal plauged run for three years before Stephen Harper and Conservatives held power for nine years. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have now been running the country for seven years.

Is it time for Justin to go? Sooner or later, the pendulum is going to go back to the Conservatives. The next federal election, provided no surprises, will be in 2025, ten years into the Liberal reign. Does Trudeau have a decent chance of beating populist Pierre Poilievre? Trudeau’s favourability numbers are slipping. He is now mired in another scandal. He actually sang on a Saturday night, two days before the Queen’s funeral. Yes, in some quarters that is a scandal. I wonder if the scanalized, for having fun, Finnish Prime Minister, was with Trudeau. Or will the Liberals have a better chance, of retaining power, with new blood, such as the fairly popular (except maybe in Grande Prairie) Chrystia Freeland. Trudeau will have to ask himself, what else does he need to prove. The Liberal Party, as a whole, must need to ask, is it time for a change. A lot of things could happen until 2025, but the clock is ticking and the pendulum is starting to swing the other way.

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