How Do I Quit Him

Over the past year, I have been listening to a number of audiobooks including quite a few on the orange haired guy. I have had the pleasure (agony) of listening to two books in a row, one called “The Divider” and now in the middle of “Confidence Man” by Maggie Haberman. The first book covered Trump, in depth, from 2017 to 2021. The current book provides a wider range of Trump’s activities through his life. I am currently in his White House years.

I think I may be overdosing. These books bring out, in detail, how shallow, narcissistic, manipulative, insecure a person this guy is. I could use a hundred other descriptive words, at least. He is an outright liar. One small example. Back in 2000, Trump was considering running for the Reform Party. Another potential candidate was David Duke, former wizard of the KKK. Trump knew who Duke was. Trump did not want to have anything to do with Duke. Back in 2000, there was nothing for Trump to be associated with Duke.

This was before Obama was President for eight years. Duke endorsed Trump in 2016. Trump was interviewd by Jake Tapper on CNN> Trump was asked how he felt being endorsed by Duke, a known white supremaxcist. Trump responded by saying he did not know who Duke was. No idea. Sound familiar? His aides told Trump to disavow himself from Trump. Trump told his aides “not so fast, these people vote”.

The Trump chaos in the White House was just a continuation of how he ran his businesses. He loved to have subordinates fight with each other, ongoing conflict, with Trump being the decider.

Did I mention I am sick of him? No more audiobooks on Trump for a while. Maybe I should disconnect my cable news channels. Maybe I should devote my time to following my sports teams. The Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Edmonton Elks. Now I am depressed. I hear there is a new book by Anthony Scaramucci coming out soon. A tell all book about Trump while Anthony was Communications Director for 11 days. Sigh.

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