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Week of Mayhem

Attribution to Michael Zimmermann – Own Work

Just some reflections of a crazy week

Alex Jones has been ordered to pay out nearly a billion dollars in damages to the Sandy Hook families. He will fight it of course, but he will eventually lose. Hopefully this will bring about the end of his Infowars podcast. However, for all the pain and agony that he has put the Sandy Hook families through, one billion dollars is not even close to being enough.

Trump and his Trumpkins have kept harping about what Nancy Pelosi was doing on January 6. The January 6 Committee showed what she was doing. She was kicking ass, working with house leaders and Mike Pence to get the Capitol cleared and get the certification vote going. All this while Trump was watching tv. The Committee also showed Pelosi prior to the attack where she said she would punch Trump if he came to the Capitol. The Trumpkins are now spreading rumors that January 6 was pre planned by Pelosi. Idiots. January 6 was pre planned. By Trump and his Trumpkin cohorts.

Russia reported a terrorist attack near the Ukraine border resulting in 11 military recruits killed and a number wounded. Putin’s military adventure is falling apart. Literally hundreds of thousands of Russians have fled the country to avoid conscription Protests are occurring daily. Russians are being taken off the streets and forced into the military. Putin is being backed into the corner and that is not good.

The inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act started last week. The Freedomers are already claiming vindication. Have fears of a clown show. The new Alberta Premier has already started with her clown show by stating that anti vaccers have been the most discriminated group she has ever seen.

Finally, on a sports note, goaltender Jack Campbell was supposed to be the solution to the Oilers goal tending issues. In his second game he let in four goals in the first 11 minutes. Oh my.

So, last week was crazy. But I fear that this week is already saying “hold my beer”.

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