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Face of the Party?

Yesterday was day one of the new congress and what got accomplished. Sweet nothing. It is the Republicans’ turn to govern and, after three votes, they still could not pick a House Speaker. After the third vote, Kevin McCarthy got 202 votes. Over 90% of Republicans voted for him as House Speaker. However, Kevin needs 218 votes. There were 20 votes for Jim Jordan, who ironically nominated McCarthy, as House Speaker. Sean Hannity put it best last night when he said this has the potential to become a clown show. Sean, it already is.

Kevin, in his lust to become House Speaker, has given away the farm to these wackos and loons. His concessions include a concession where only five members can call for a snap vote to replace the House Speaker. The wacko hardliners say this is not enough and want the requirement to be reduced to only one member. What is happening here is that 10% of the Republican House members, the loons, are holding the remaining 90% of the Republican House members hostage. Kevin, with additional concessions, might get the needed 218 votes. But, in doing so, the insane asylum will actually be run by the lunatics.

Who are these hardliner insurgents loons? For one, there is Lauren Boebert, who squeaked out a midterm victory. Her smiling face was on Fox Propaganda (also known as Fox News) all day long yesterday saying “we won’t back down”. Others in this group include Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Jim Jordan, but surprisingly, not Marjorie Taylor Greene. Then again, Greene and Boebert, are in the middle of a catfight, for a variety of rumoured reasons that I will not sink to.

The Democrats may love this clown show, but, there are serious consequences. First of all, with Lauren Boebert as the potential face of the Republican Party, what are the prospects of sane responsible governing for the next two years? None. Meadows might get his Speakership. But, the first time the hardliners disagree with him, he is gone. Perpetual chaos. The outgoing Senate and House did America a favour, last week, by approving a budget for a year. But when the budget will be up for renewal, next December, this clown show of a congress, no matter the concessions, will not pass it. The hardliners will not allow it. Potential default. Then what?

Will cooler heads prevail over the next two years? One can only pray. But, for now, the clown show is on.

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