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On the Wane?

It has been nearly four months now since the killing of Mahsa Amini. The massive protests seem to be waning. Thousands have been arrested, including well known athletes and entertainers. The execution of a Karate champion and a volunteer children’s coach, on Saturday, brings the number of protest related executions up to four. Another 41, including a popular Iranian rapper, are facing execution. Close to 500 protesters have been killed. An Iranian journalist was detained over the weekend for the crime of interviewing families of those condemned. The Iranian regime has not backed down from its stance and continues its brutal repression.

Are the protests simply going to fade away? It might. But it might not. Even it does fade, this time, it will not go away. There are various means of protests Courageous women are being seen at malls and bazars without hijabs. Demonstrations, though smaller and less frequent still continue. World outrage has not gone away. The executions this weekend has only fuelled additional outrage.

The Iranians leading these protests are young. Many are women. Comparisons have been drawn to the protesters in the Soviet Union in the 1980’s before the wall was torn down. Russia is going through similar convulsions today, as more and more Russians are expressing anger at Putin’s war on Ukraine. This is not over by a longshot.

A lot of media focus, this week, has been on the craziness in Washington, and , on crazies such as Boebert and Gaetz. Unfortunately, this focus will continue for the foreseeable future. But the fight for freedom in Iran continues and needs the world’s attention. As does the war in Ukraine and the taking away of liberties and right of women, by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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