Absolutely Nuts

Attribution to Neil Grabowsky, for the Montclair Film Festival

Three short news stories this week that goes beyond stranger than fiction.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is holding its election as to who should be the next chair. There are three people vying for the position. Trump pick, Ronna McDaniel had held the position for a few years. During her reign, the GOP lost a president, lost the majority in the Senate and had a 2022 midterm fizzle for Congress. There is Ron DeSantis’ pick Harmeet Dhillon a strong anti-masker and anti-vaccer. Then we have the third conterstant. The pillow guy, super election denier and super conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell. These are the candidates for RNC Chair No more need to be said

Next is hardly a news story but for the irony of it, it needs to be pointed out Donnie, in an all caps tweeted, demanded that MSNBC and CNN be shut down for all the lies they are spreading. Donnie, who is being sued for $1.6 Billion for spreading lies about Dominion Voting Systems? That would be FOX. Donnie is also upset that certain service providers are taking ultra wing channels Newsmax and OAN off the air.

But neither of the two stories come close to the next one Julia Louis-Dreyfus played the role of Vice President on an HBO show called VEEP for a number of years. Her character was an amoral psychotic bitch who cared only about herself. She played it well. It is now happening in real life Another person with three names is on Trump’s shortlist of 2024 VP candidates and she is actively vying for the position. Back in 2008, people were frightened about the possibility of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the presidency. Sarah has nothing on Marjorie Taylor Greene. Enough said.

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