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Death Threats

Attribution to Toglenn – Own Work

Trump will be indicted tomorrow in relation to the hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign. Michael Cohen ended up being jailed for his role in the cover-up. Though the indictment is still sealed, it is believed that Trump will face over 30 charges. The Republicans are already decrying the indictment as political persecution even though they have no idea what the charges are. No one knows except those involved in the case at the Manhattan DA office.

One of the casualties, so far, is Stormy Daniels, who is at the centre of this. She has already received death threats. She has already had to boost security measures at her home. As per the abuse she has been receiving,

“The number and the intensity is the same as it was the first time around, but this time it’s straight-up violent. It’s especially scary because Trump himself is inciting violence and encouraging it,” 

She is not the first casualty, nor will she be the last. Ruby Freeman, the Atlanta election worker who was named by Trump, on the national stage, still can not live a normal life ever since Trump named her back in 2020.

As per Daniels, she was supposed to have an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan on British tv last Friday. The interview had to be cancelled due to security concerns. Daniels’s concerns are valid.

I’m not afraid of him, or of the government, but it just takes one crazy supporter who thinks they’re doing God’s work or protecting democracy.”

Daniels also has this prediction to make, as well.

“He’s already gotten away with inciting a riot, and causing death and destruction. Whatever the outcome is, it’s going to cause violence, and there’s going to be injuries and death.”

She is right about this. Trump, with his increasing paranoia has already called for protests. He is increasing his attacks on DA Alvin Bragg. He will be on tv Tuesday night giving a doubtless incitement rising speech to his base. News reports are now coming out that he reviewed classified files following the Mar-a-Lago subpoena and before the Mar-a-Lago raid. As the world crumbles already him, his attacks will become more aggressive and more shrill.

I will close off this chirp, with Daniels describing her role in justice being done.

It’s bittersweet. He’s done so much worse that he should have been taken down [for] before. I am fully aware of the insanity of it, being a porn star. But it’s also poetic; this p—- grabbed back.” 


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