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Impeachment To Nowhere

Two impeachments were launched against Donald Trump. In both cases, the Democrats had evidence on hand to just the start of the impeachment process. The evidence for the first impeachment was the ‘perfect call’ and all the background both prior and subsequent to the call, including the withholding of funds, to Ukraine, until two months after the call. The second impeachment followed the insurrection on H

January 6, which the entire saw blow-by-blow on tv and social media.

Now, Kevin McCarthy has launched an impeachment inquiry on President Biden. He did this without a House vote. The same thing he chastised Nancy Pelosi for having done in Trump’s first impeachment. McCarthy knew that if he were to put it to a house vote, he would not get enough votes. What evidence does McCarthy have to launch this inquiry? Dan Issa, Republican Congressman from California, put it this way.

We certainly see what one might fairly call bribes or unfair enrichment by Hunter Biden. But the actual participation by the vice president and now president – that still has to be discovered and or nailed down, either for direct participation or knowing participation or receipt of funds.”

In other words, they have nothing. Since prior to the time of Trump’s ‘perfect call’, the one to Zelensky, not the one to Georgia, Trump and his cronies have been trying to dig dirt on Biden. All they have had is innuendo. A while ago they had this whistleblower, who had the goods, on Biden. Then they could not find the whistleblower. Then it turned out that the whistleblower was on the runs for selling arms to China. This is just one example of innuendo that came to knowing.

So why is McCarthy doing this. A push from the right-wing crazies like Gaetz and Greene. But that is nothing compared to Trump’s hatred of Biden and Trump’s desire/need to have Biden impeached. Trump got together with Greene this Sunday to strategize Biden’s impeachment process. Ken Buck a Republican Congressman from Colorado, who is no fan of this inquiry, put it this way.

“President Trump has gone on his social media account and said that we should be impeaching President Biden. Kevin McCarthy said we have an impeachment inquiry. You draw the conclusion. When President Trump speaks, there’s a whole a lot of activists that get on board and the activists make their members aware of that. And so directly or indirectly, this impeachment inquiry was a result of President Trump’s pressure.”

This impeachment inquiry is a sham, directed by one man. If Trump is going to go down, he is going to take the whole Republican Party with him.

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