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No Sure Thing

The Presidential election is a year away. In a sane world, Joe Biden should be far ahead in the polls against a twice impeached, four times indicted, Donald Trump. He is not. Latest polls show that Biden is losing to Trump in five of six swing states. There is some hope in that mega superstar, Taylor Swift, who some on the right have branded as being of Satan (honestly) is getting young potential voters to register. But even here, Biden is not as strong with the younger demographic than he should be.

What is more disturbing, of late, is that Univision, a major Hispanic network, in the US, is starting to display a more favourable attitude towards Trump. Univision operates 60 tv stations in the US and Puerto Rico, is carried by 1,700 cable affiliates and reaches 99% of the Hispanic population in the US. Just last week, Univision carried an interview with Donald Trump where he was lobbed softball questions. The Hispanic demographic is starting to lean more towards Trump. Univision giving more favourable coverage, to Trump, could cause a greater shift of the Hispanic vote to Trump.

Another disturbing variable is the Republican message of Biden’s mental competence. Trump has made a number of gaffes himself, lately, and that needs to be played up. Last night Biden gave a press conference, following his meeting with China’s Xi. In all honesty, Biden fumbled through a lot of the press conference. He repeated himself, stumbled through words and had some lengthy pauses. An image of him and Trump stumbling through a Presidential debate kept flashing through my mind

The election is still a year away. But a Biden victory, right now anyway, is far from a sure thing.

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