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Little Don The Con

One of the uglier sagas in American Congressional history will hopefully come to an end soon, with the expulsion of George Santos. Congressional approval now stands at 11%. That is no surprise given the Republican clown show that has unfolded, over the past year, with Santos playing a role in it.

The House Ethics Committee unanimously concluded that there was ‘substantial evidence’ that Santos used campaign funds for personal purposes and that there was ‘uncharged and unlawful conduct’ that went beyond criminal allegations already identified against him. Furthermore, the Committee would immediately refer these allegations to the Department of Justice.

For Santos to be expelled, the House would need a 2/3 majority vote for expulsion. This vote will be held after the American Thanksgiving break and will likely be passed, despite there being a Republican majority in the house.

The similarities between Santos and Trump are numerous. For example, Santos claimed that he was Jewish. Santos claimed that he led his college volleyball team to a championship. Trump, at one of his resorts, had a Time cover picture on a wall proclaiming Trump to be Time’s Man of the Year. Both Trump and Santos are known for their lies.

Santos engaged in ‘knowing and willing violations’ of financial disclosures. The Trump organization is facing enormous fines for the same thing and Trump is facing trial next March for hush money payments.

The Committee concluded that,

“sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit.”

Trump is under fire for receiving millions of dollars from his supporters based on his false premise that the election was stolen.

Santos did not cooperate with the Committee at all. Neither has Trump with his legal issues, for example the Russia investigation.

This is what Santos had to say following the Committee’s report release.

“It is a disgusting politicized smear that shows the depths of how low our federal government has sunk. Everyone who participated in this grave miscarriage of Justice should all be ashamed of themselves.”

Sound familiar?

Where their two paths separate is that Santos will not in the election. Being a congressman won’t protect him from DOJ. the primary reason that Trump is running for President is that by being President he hopes to make the charges and investigations vanish.

Enjoy your Friday.

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