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Not Same old Lions

Source Fairview Post – Photo By Gregory Shamus/Getty Image

Taking a break from all the depressing news for today. The Detroit Lions are now 8-2. The last time they were 8-2 was back in 1962. Where were you in 62? They were down 12 points to the lowly Chicago Bears yesterday with 4 minutes left. They pulled it out. They freaking pulled it out! The same old Lions would probably have folded the tent or come close and stall on their last drive. These guys did not. Jared Goff threw three interceptions in the first three quarters. Yet, he led two incredible drives in the last four minutes.

This team has character, the type that Lions fans have not seen in a long time. Many younger Lions fans have never seen this type of character. It has been that long. Will the Lions go to the Super Bowl this year? Hard to say. But they will be in that conversation for the next few years.

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