Maybe This Time

30,000 lies during Trump’s presidency and Trumpers stayed loyal.

Threatening Zelensky to hold back weapons until dirt was provided on Hunter Biden and Trumpers stayed loyal.

First impeachment because of that threat – Quid Pro Quo and Trumpers stayed loyal.

January 6 and the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s support of. The 187 minutes where he did nothing. The 7 hours of missing phoner logs and Trumpers stayed loyal. The moment in time where Trump tried to replace American democracy with American autocracy.

Second impeachment because of January 6 and Trumpers stayed loyal.

Trump’s love of Putin. Trump calling Putin a genius for Putin’s reasoning for invading Ukraine. Trump’s ongoing failure to condemn Putin for the invasion.

Polls showing Republican support for Zelensky, for Ukraine and for the US provision of military aid to Ukraine. Maybe this time, Trumpers cult like loyalty to Trump will start to weaken. Maybe even considerably. Can only hope.

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