• Saving Kevin’s Bacon

    It took 15 rounds of votes for Kevin to become House Speaker. This is a job hje long desired. In the first days, following January 6, Kevin put the blame on the insurrection on Trump. Then he saw that the Trumpkins still supported Trump. Kevin wanted the Speakership so bad that he went to Mar-a-Lago later in January on bended knee. Like I said, Kevin really, really wanted that Speakership.

    The red wave in 2022 failed to materialize. As a result, the Republicans won by the slimmest of majorities, lead by that stalwart and former Superbowl MVP, George Santos. Kevin wanted the Speakership, and he sold his soul to get it after 15 rounds. He has been held hostage by the lunatic Right-Wing of the House, ever since.

    Now, the Government is facing a shutdown, at the end of September. Things have gotten so bad (as per my soap chirps earlier this week) that Kevin has had two procedural votes to have votes Pentagon (defense) spending fail. Now this was not a vote on total government spending. This was not even a vote on Pentagon spending. This was a vote TO HAVE A VOTE on Pentagon spending. This vote failed not once, but twice.

    Kevin has now adjourned Congress for a week. That means, Congress will not get back in session until October. Government funding (the budget) has toi be approved by the end of September or the Government shuts down. Oooookay.

    There is a move afoot, by moderate Republicans, to get together with Democrats to cobble together a budget plan, that would pass Congress, get approved by the Senate and signed off by President Biden. Essentially, this would save Kevin’s bacon. Problem is, the lunatic right-wing have already said that if these moderates go ahead with this plan, the lunatics will make sure these moderates are primaried out in 2024. The lunacy of this is that many of these moderates hold seats in swing districts. If they are primaried out, they would be replaced by extreme right-wing candidates, giving the Democrat candidate a better chance of winning the swing district. This would give the Democrats a House majority.

    The inmates have truly taken over the asylum. Furthermore, even if the moderates went ahead anyways, would Kevin really want his bacon saved. Pushing this bipartisan budget would likely cost Kevin his Speakership. Getting a headache. Enjoy the weekend.

  • Reality Nibbling

    Sourced from CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

    Donald Trump ids starting to envision a future that he is not really liking too much. He was asked on ‘Meet the Press’ whether he was worried about spending time behind bars. His response was,

    “I don’t even think about it. All I think about is making the country great, making America great.

    Well, as current ESPN personality and former coach, Lee Corso, would say,

    “Not so fast, my friend”

    Privately, Trump has been fretting about it. He has been doing so for the last few months. He has a few major concerns. Would he be in a ‘Club Fed’ prison or would he end up in a ‘bad’ prison. He spent 8 minutes in the Fulton County prison, getting arrested and I guess that was 8 minutes too many. Trump got a brief glimpse of what a bad prison would look like.

    Trump is also concerned about what he would have to wear. Would orange clash with his hair. The remaining hair he has left. Would Trump lose his make-up person giving him that whatever colour that is applied to his face.

    One big concern is would he lose his lifetime security detail. There are rumblings that imprisonment should make him lose that privilege.

    His worries are going to keep on mounting as more evidence of his transgression keep being revealed on a daily basis. Maybe he will end up in a road gang, where he could work on his 215 lb frame. One thing, imprisonment is sure going to hurt his golf game.

  • His Own People

    Republicans are fond of saying that all the investigations on Trump is just left-wing garbage due to the left’s desire to punish Trump. They keep sidestepping the fact that all the evidence piled up on Trump came from people who either voted for him or worked for him, in some capacity. Anyone watching the January 6 Committee hearings would have noted this about all the witnesses who testified. Well, not all. Some of the witnesses were Capitol Police who were attacked by the January 6 insurrectionists. But, I think the point is made.

    The latest example of this is Molly Michael, a former Executive assistant of Trump. She was hired in 2018 and resigned last year due to Trump’s handling of the classified documents. Michael claims that Trump very well knew what was in the boxes of documents. When National Archives started asking about classified documents, 90 boxes of documents were moved to a storage room. Michael indicated that Trump knew about the move because he was shown photos of the 90 boxes in the storage room. Michael would get toi do lists from Trump, where she noted that the lists were on documents that had ‘classified’ markings on them.

    Most damning to Trump was when Michael informed Trump that she would be interviewed by the FBI, as part of their investigation. Trump’s response to Michael was to tell the FBI,

    “You don’t know anything about the boxes.”

    It just gets worser and worser for Donnie (excuse the poor grammar).

  • Porn Back To Soap

    Attribution to Alan Light

    This is Katherine Helmond. She was best known (for me anyway) as Jessica Tate in the late 1970’s tv show ‘Soap’. It was ‘must see’ comedy tv back then. Most of my chirps are political in nature. But for the last few days, the Republican congress have made a mockery of politics, degenerating their actions into a soap opera. It would be comedic but for the fact that there is a potential government shutdown looming, as well as, a sham impeachment, where there is no evidence.

    The tv show started each episode (or ended, I can’t actually remember) with all the carious antics going on, sometimes confusing to mesh together. So, I will try to put together, all that has occurred in the last little while. Please bear with me.

    Last week, we had Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz telling each other to F#$k off. Then we had Lauren Boebert being groped in a theatre while she was doing some hand work herself. She blamed the incident on the fact that she is a bit eccentric and that her date, for the night, was a Democrat. She has sworn off dating Democrats. With me so far?

    Now in the last 24 hours, Mike Lawler, a freshman GOP congressman, is calling the hardliners stance,

    “This is stupidity”

    Lawler wants to make a deal with the Democrats, to avoid a government shutdown.

    Matt Gaetz, the one who told McCarthy to, well, already described, is in a pitched battle with fellow hardliners, who sided with McCarthy, earlier this year, to fund the government Byron Donalds, a fellow Florida congressman, shot back,

    “Matt, tell the people the truth. … What’s your plan to get the votes to defund Jack Smith? You’ll need more than tweets and hot takes!!”

    Chip Roy, another hardliner who sided with McCarthy earlier this year, chipped in against Gaetz, with the following,

    “I don’t know whether we’ll have the votes or not, because I’ve got a lot of conservative friends who like to beat their chests and thump around going, ‘Oh, this isn’t pure enough.’ “

    Then there is Victoria Sparks, from Indiana, who blasted McCarthy for being weak and saying that Kevin is more concerned about keeping his Speakership, rather than fighting for his country.

    McCarthy responded by saying,

    “One thing I learned in life: anybody who criticizes you has never worked harder than you. If Victoria is concerned about fighting stronger I wish she would run again and not quit. I mean, I’m not quitting. I’m going to continue work for the American public.”

    Sparks has said she is not running for Congress, again. Let’s not forget Matt Gaetz who called McCarthy’s response to Sparks, as ‘disgraceful’ and that McCarthy was ‘attacking women’.

    Marjorie chipped in by attacking funding for Ukraine, while David Joyce called Gaetz a ‘special person’ adding,

    “I mean, in the how many years he’s been here, what has he ever accomplished other than running his mouth?” 

    Steve Womack, from Arkansas, put it best,

     “It’s an unmitigated disaster right now on the majority side.”

    What will happen in the next 24 hours, or the next few days? will Lauren and Marjorie become bosom buddies again? Will Matt and Mark makeup. How about Matt and the other hardliners? Is Victoria really intent on leaving this s#$tshow. Stay tuned for the next episode of.

  • Hair Tearing

    Sourced from CNN Website – Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

    Trump’s lawyers, if they had any hair, when they began representing him, have probably torn their hair all out by now. Then again, he keeps going through lawyers like Lauren Boebert going through idiotic actions.

    Trump’s lawyers keep begging him to stay quiet. Trump keeps ignoring them. It has reached a point that his Truth Social statements may result in a gag order imposed on him. If one is imposed, we all know how that will turn out. It will turn out the same was as when E. Jean Carroll won her defamation suit against Trump. Trump defamed her the next day and now Trump will be tried, next January, to determine how much in damages he will have to pay Carroll again. Gift that keeps on giving.

    Trump did it again, this time to be interviewed by Kristin Welker in her Meet the Press premier. One thing about Trump, when in for it for a penny, he is just not in for it for the whole dollar he is in for it for all of Fort Knox.

    Trump was questioned about the fact that he lost 60 court cases and that a number of his own lawyers told him that he lost the 2020 election. His response was that he did not respect them. Welker pushed him further.

    “You called some of your outside lawyers — you said they had crazy theories. Why were you listening to them? Were you listening to them because they were telling you what you wanted to hear?”

    Trump, in pure Trumpian manner, responded by not only throwing himself undrer the bus but the entire bus fleet,

    “You know who I listen to? Myself. I saw what happened. I watched that election, and I thought the election was over at 10 o’clock in the evening. It was my decision. But I listened to some people. Some people said that.”

    He basically said, on national tv, that he made the decision himself to contest the election, and, he did, resulting in January 6. Laurence Tribe, prominent Harvard constitutional law professor, put it best, saying that Trump,

     “just threw his whole ‘following my lawyers’ advice’ defense under the bus No, let me correct that: not just under the bus but under a roaring, speeding, ginormous freight train.”

    I should have sympathy for Trump’s lawyers, but they knew what they were in for.

  • Soap To Porn

    From Heavy.com website – Getty/Surveillance Video

    There were a couple of chirps last week about the soap opera raging within the Republican Party. Specifically, between the war between Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz where they were telling each other to f#$k off. It would be pathetically funny if it was not for the fact that tis clown show could result in a government shutdown.

    Now, we have Lauren Boebert, vaping in a theatre, in a showing of Beetlejuice having her boobs groped while she was groping her date’s ‘thingy’ in a theatre full of kids. YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS S#$T UP. Lauren, you are a skank. You will be up for election in November 2024. If your district votes you back in, then the IQ of all those who vote you back in have to be, HAVE TO BE, questioned. Let me repeat, Lauren you are a skank.

    You know who else are skanks? The Republican Party who has stayed quiet on this. Can you imagine if Stormy Daniels had been caught on video in the same situation? The Republican Party would have had kittens (what a cute saying – have ‘having kittens’).

    I am done. Going to take a shower and wash this grime off. Hopefully a saner chirp tomorrow.

  • Closing Walls

    Sourced from cnn website Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

    Arm in sling today Post-op procedure. Tomorrow sling off. Very short chirp today. Walls closing. Smith requesting cease and desist on Trump’s intimidation of judges, prosecutors and witnesses. Trump enraged. Likely request will be approved. Then the crap will hit the wall. Happy Saturday all.

  • Clown Show Continues

    Sourced from CNN website – Reuters/Getty

    These two clowns sink lower and lower. The adults need to come into the room as a government shutdown looms and these are the guys in control.

    That they have a hate for each other is apparent. There is a House Ethics Committee investigation on Gaetz for his alleged actions with an underage teen, allegedly transporting her across state lines to do the nasty with her. Gaetz apparently wants McCarthy to use his position as Speaker to make the investigation go away. McCarthy, for his part, responded, as follows,

    “He can threaten all he wants. I will not interject the Speaker into the independent Ethics Committee to influence it any way at all.”

    This is just one more brick in the wall. The hate between the two has been building up for a while now and is reaching a crescendo. There was a Republican closed-door meeting, yesterday, with Gaetz leading the charge for McCarthy to either give in to the extreme right-wing demands, on the budget, or else, face the threat of a resolution to vacate his position. To which McCarthy calmly replied,

    “If you want to file a motion to vacate, then file the fucking motion.”

    McCarthy later explained his outburst to reporters,

    “I showed frustration in here because I am frustrated…with some people in the conference.”

    Gaetz, not to be outdone, reacted, as follows,

    “How about just move the fucking spending bills?” 

    Good one Matt.

    Others are just fed up with the whole catfight. Republican Congressman Brian Mast, from Florida, gave the following rather long quote.

    “We don’t try to air our laundry but again, you know, to that point, if somebody wants to file a motion to vacate, then file the f‑‑‑ing motion to vacate, and that’s it. And stop holding up everybody’s work, stop holding it, you know, over people’s head like it’s, you know, like, it’s this noose that you’re going to try to get somebody to walk into. Get to work with the conference; if you have a direction that you want to take, then step up in front of the microphone and voice what that direction is that you want to take. Otherwise, get the f‑‑‑ out of the way.”

    This chirp has the feel of a soap opera episode. Sickening.

  • Impeachment To Nowhere

    Two impeachments were launched against Donald Trump. In both cases, the Democrats had evidence on hand to just the start of the impeachment process. The evidence for the first impeachment was the ‘perfect call’ and all the background both prior and subsequent to the call, including the withholding of funds, to Ukraine, until two months after the call. The second impeachment followed the insurrection on H

    January 6, which the entire saw blow-by-blow on tv and social media.

    Now, Kevin McCarthy has launched an impeachment inquiry on President Biden. He did this without a House vote. The same thing he chastised Nancy Pelosi for having done in Trump’s first impeachment. McCarthy knew that if he were to put it to a house vote, he would not get enough votes. What evidence does McCarthy have to launch this inquiry? Dan Issa, Republican Congressman from California, put it this way.

    We certainly see what one might fairly call bribes or unfair enrichment by Hunter Biden. But the actual participation by the vice president and now president – that still has to be discovered and or nailed down, either for direct participation or knowing participation or receipt of funds.”

    In other words, they have nothing. Since prior to the time of Trump’s ‘perfect call’, the one to Zelensky, not the one to Georgia, Trump and his cronies have been trying to dig dirt on Biden. All they have had is innuendo. A while ago they had this whistleblower, who had the goods, on Biden. Then they could not find the whistleblower. Then it turned out that the whistleblower was on the runs for selling arms to China. This is just one example of innuendo that came to knowing.

    So why is McCarthy doing this. A push from the right-wing crazies like Gaetz and Greene. But that is nothing compared to Trump’s hatred of Biden and Trump’s desire/need to have Biden impeached. Trump got together with Greene this Sunday to strategize Biden’s impeachment process. Ken Buck a Republican Congressman from Colorado, who is no fan of this inquiry, put it this way.

    “President Trump has gone on his social media account and said that we should be impeaching President Biden. Kevin McCarthy said we have an impeachment inquiry. You draw the conclusion. When President Trump speaks, there’s a whole a lot of activists that get on board and the activists make their members aware of that. And so directly or indirectly, this impeachment inquiry was a result of President Trump’s pressure.”

    This impeachment inquiry is a sham, directed by one man. If Trump is going to go down, he is going to take the whole Republican Party with him.

  • Loons Are Out

    Sourced from CNN website – Reuters/Getty

    Do you remember back, in January, when Kevin McCarthy had to swallow his pride and dignity to the right-wing extremists to get his long-desired Speakership, on the 15th vote. He gave away the store to the extremists. Concessions were made the full details of which never were released. There was one well known concession that came out. Only One Republican need make a resolution that McCarthy ‘vacate’, that is, be removed from his Speakership position. Once that resolution is made, the House must vote on it. Potential clown show.

    Somehow McCarthy survived the spending bill battle earlier this year, when he was outmaneuvered in negotiations with President Biden, earlier this year. Now a new budget has to be approved by the end of September or funding stops and the government shuts down. This situation has happened in the past where the government has been pushed to the brink and then the adults in the room take over. At times the September 30 deadline is passed, but short-term stop-gap measures are put in place for government funding to continue.

    Then again, when Trump was President, obviously not being an adult, the Government did shut down, before Christmas, and did not open until January. This time around, with a whole bunch of children, on the Republican side, Matt Gaetz is demanding that no stop-gap measure be put in place. Rather, he wants a bunch of individual spending bills passed. Of course, these individual bills would strip away all the initiatives that Biden has put in place the last two years, such as the Inflation Reduction Act. Gaetz threatens that if McCarthy does not put individual spending bills to the floor,

    “Do these things or face a motion to vacate the chair.” 

    There we have it. September 30 is only two weeks away. McCarthy is desperate to keep his Speakership. What is he going to do? Will he try to work out some deal with the House Democrats? If Gaetz files a resolution for McCarthy to ‘vacate’ his Speakership, will the Democrats vote to keep him in? Or will they let him be voted out. If McCarthy is voted out before September 30, without a budget passed, an ugly circus will unfold with the children holding the majority, in the house. No budget passed, the Government shutdown and pandemonium.

    What a freaking gong show. Also, in the midst of this, McCarthy is starting an impeachment process on Biden. A chirp for another day.