Cancel Huh?

Those on the right, such as Fox News, Donald Trump, and others have accused the left of having a cancel culture mentality. They have used the tearing down of confederate statues and the taking down of the conferate flag as prime examples. Yet, at the same time, various Republican controlled states, through their education system, are making inroads in diminishing, or even eliminating, the historical narrative of slavery and the role that racism has played throughout the history of America. It has gone to the point that certain math books in Florida have been eliminated from the curriculum due to alleged Critical Race Theory undertones within the content of these books. One of the reasons given is that “you can’t have kids feeling bad about their history” So, the right wing sees no irony in preserving certain elements of history like statues of conferderate generals and the confederate flag while “cancelling” the education of how an entire race of people were and continue to be adversely affected by these elements.

In contrast, the only place you may find nazi symbols in Germany are in their museums. Actually, that is not true. There are the concentration camps. Where the American right wants to preserve statues and the confederate flag as symbols of a proud heritage, the concentration camp structures in Germany are preserved so that the world will never forget the horrors of the holocaust. Furthermore, it is mandatory for the children within the German education system to visit the camps. Germans are also taught 20th century German history.

One last disturbing thing, the German far right are trying to understate the Nazi period of German history. Hopefully their efforts will fail.

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