So many similarities between the two of them.

Both can not stand the mainstream media.

Both have their own supportive media mouthpiece.

Both hunger for power.

Both hunger for money.

Both have had multiple sexual liaisons but don’t like that being spread around.

Both don’t like being told no.

Both have aversions to the truth

Both have designs (Putin already has/Truymp has talked about it) on being president for life.

Both are self centered.

Both, when they mistakes that are apparent to everyone else, double down on their mistakes.

Apologies are foreign to them.

Both will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Both are bullies.

This is just a short list. But, if Trump does get power in 2024, the USA will slowly but surely become increasingly similar to Putin’s Russia. Oh. When was the last time you heard Trump criticize Putin? You haven’t.

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