Off Battlefield Escalation

By Alberto-g-rovi – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

President Biden, on the morning of April 28, is forwarding to congress a request for $33 billion, to be provided to Ukraine, in their fight against the Russian invasion. Biden said that other NATO countries will be providing their share as well. Previously, the US has been seizing the assets of Russian oligarchs. Biden is now going one major step forward. This package to congress includes the authority to not only seize Russian assets, but to liquidate them as well. It is one thing to have your assets held in seizure. But then to lose these assets permanently through liquidation. The yatch pictured above is one of those seized assets. If you had the money, would you buy it through a liquidation sale? Knowing that it was owned by a powerful, mighty pissed off, Russian? I would think twice myself.

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