Absolute Scum

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Got a call this morning, from an unknown caller, with the first three numbers identical to mine. Right away I knew it was a scam call. This one from the ministry of the attorney general. There was a warrant for my arrest. Hit the number to get a live person. In the background you could hear a number of operators. The one I had said “How can I help you this evening” My response “It is morning where I am and you can go f#$% yourself” He responded in kind and hung up. I have been getting calls from Border Services – Illegal package detained, Revenue Canada – fraud, and the IRS . “I live in Canada A-hole, there is no IRS”. These people are absolute scum. Usually, I just hang up. But at times. First I tried to play along. But they caught on pretty quick. One time I said “Don’t you feel guilty doing this crap?”. Usually, they just hang up when they know I am on to them. One time I must have gotten a Russian. When I told him to “f#$% off” He responded with a well known Russian epithet “F%^& your mother” I actually laughed.

Have been in apartment for last few years. Annually, I get calls saying duct cleaning service is being offerred. I always say I live in an apartment and call ends. When I got a similar call about a week ago, I realized that I heard numerous operators in the background. Not this too!

These scams have evolved with our times. Back many years ago, getting letters saying you have a distant relative who just passed and you need to send money to cover legal fees, so your inheritance could be processed. We all have received emails from Nigeria with a convoluted story ending up in the sender needing your bank account number. Computer notices saying your computer has a virus. Call this number to get rid of it. Also calls from supposedly your credit card company saying a charge of x amount has been made on a certain purchase. We need to confirm. Can you give us your credit card number.

These people are absolute scum. They are stealing from the vulnerable, the elderly, (hey that’s me), and the gullible. Have I said these people are absolute scum? I have kept telling myself I have to buy a whistle, a loud whistle, and keep it with cell phone all the time. Scum!!!

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