Country First?

“Country First” was the campaign slogan that John McCain used in his 2008 presidential campaign. Kevin McCarthy had the chance to put his country first, following the January 6 riot. Instead he put his ambitions for house speaker first. McCarthy, immerdiately following the riot, was pissed at Trump. He wanted Trump gone. He considered the 25th amendment option which , if succesful, would have removed Trump prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration. He discussed his anger with a number of GOP members. He even went before the House and voiced his anger at Trump. Weeks later though, he went down to Mar Lago, to kiss the ring of Trump. Had McCarthy followed through with his initial feelings, Trump might now not hold the power that he has over the GOP.

McCarthy has denied these discussioins, as well as, denying that he ever considered the 25th amendment. However, audiotapes have come out completely refuting McCarthy’s denials. In a recently released tape McCarthy, in discussing the invocation of the 25th amendment, concluded that the process would take too long. He also indicated that he wanted to meet with president-elect Biden, in the hopes of ensuring a smooth transition of power. McCarthy could have put country first and he didn’t.

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