Most Dangerous Person in World

Photo by Eva Renaldi

Joe Biden was asked for his opinion as to who is the most dangerour person in the world. One would expect that he would have identified Putin or even Trump. Instead, he identified Rupert Murdoch, the owner of numerous publishing outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, and television channels such as Fox News. Murdoch runs one of, if not, the largest media empire in the world. In the words of disgraced Fox News CEO Roger Ailes “we are not here to report the news, we are hear to make the news”

His empire has and continues to affect the lives and actions of literally hundreds of millions across the world. Here are two examples, as they relate to Fox News. The world was just starting to recognize the ramifications of COVID in March 2020. Throughout that month, talking heads at Fox News, non-stop, downplayed the dangers of Covid, one commentator stating that it was no worse than the common cold. Mask wearing was downplayed. Vaccines were mocked. As the months followed, this downplaying continued. Laura Ingraham, one evening, decried all the restrictive mandates that were put in place given that only 60,000 died. Approaching one million A,merican deaths now. Tucker Carlson, one night, had the gall to state that having children wear masks was child abuse and the parents should be reported to police

The second example is the ongoing promotion of Trump’s Big Lie and the subsequent downplaying of the January 6 insurrection. In an act of courage, Fox News, on election night, was the first outlet to state that Biden won Arizona. Donald Trump has still not forgiven Fox News for that. Fox News was supposed to have a one hour documentary on Trump losing the election. The documentary was never carried. However, their sister station, did carry a series, hosted by Tucker Carlson, where he presented an alternate reality of January 6. It was so mind boggling that even some commentators on Fox News decried the series.

The disinformation presented by Fox News represents Rupert Murdoch’s world view and is spread world wide though his media empire. Biden has merit to his opinion.

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