Kid Hepatitis

Map Created By BlackShadowG

There is a mystery liver disease that is affecting kids world wide. The map above, shows where cases have been identified. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated, on Tuesday, May 10, that there were, at that time, 348 cases, involving kids. Of these cases, there were more than a dozen, in Canada, with 7 in Toronto. Some kids, worldwide, have died from this.

Investigators are looking at a number of causes, with the focus now being on the virus trhat causes COVID. These cases have been around for a while and are now just beginning to get world wide attention. There was a study conducted in India, that analyzed 475 children who had COVID in 2021. Of these, while the study has yet to be peer reviewed, 37 were diagnosed as having “COVID-19 Associated Hepatitis in Children”.

A number of similar cases have been found, worldwide, where the commonality was that these kids had a history of COVID. This story is still developing. There has been no definitive finding yet. But, it merits attention.

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