Only I Tell Truths

Donald Trump never tells lies. According to Donald Trump. He calls himself a stable genius. If there was upheaval at the White House, it was due to the incompetence of those around him. Kind of funny that so many books, by those around Trump, make him look like the self absorbed incompetent that he is. Books by Mark Esper, Jim Comey, Stephanie Grisham, Michael Cohen and Omorosa, all paint similar pictures of Trump and they are not pretty. Books by Bob Woodward, Jon Karl and others, though not on staff, but researched involving multiple staff interviews, all point out the chaos that was the Trump White house.

Many top officials, who Trump initially called super qualified, but ended up leaving the White house, have been highly critical of Trump. This list includes, Rex, Trump is a morn, Tillerson, John Kelly and Anthony, the Mooch, Scaramucci. Scaramucci has a book coming out in the Fall. Looking forward to that.

Have to admit, that Trump is made of Teflon. Despite all the evidence of how incompetent he is, Trump is still the leading Republican contender for President in 2024. Stunning.

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