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Attribution to Gage Skidmore

Pete Davidson’s last show on SNL was last Saturday night. I admit I have never been a big fan of his. But on his send off last Saturday, Davidson did make a valid point about the hypocrisy of Fox News. Ben Crenshaw is a Republican congressman. Crenshaw, when serving in Iraq, lost an eye. He now wears an eye patch. Davidson made fun of that eye patch three years ago. Fox News, lead by Tucker Carlson, went nuts. How dare Davidson make fun of a wounded war veteran’s injury. He equated SNL to the Democrat Party, claiming that their message was “Republicans are disgusting”, even if wounded in war.

Crenshaw went on SNL and Davidson apologized to him saying that “This man is a war hero and he deserves all the respect in the world.” Crenshaw accepted and forgave.

Crenshaw has been a strong supporter of the US giving aid to Ukraine, against the Russian invasion. Last week, Carlson slammed Crenshaw’s vocal support, calling him “eye patch McCain”. The response to this insult, from Fox News and the Republican right? Crickets. Pitiful.

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