Dangerous Turn

By Palacio do Planaltofrom Brasilia, Brasil. Foto: Alan Santos/PR

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), when picking locations for its gatherings, do so with the intent of leaving a message. Last year, CPAC held its gathering in Florida. Florida is governed by Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has moved Florida sharply right. DeSantis is a strong supporter of anti-masks, anti COVID Mandates.

This year, the CPAC gathering was held in Hungary. The Prime Minister of Hungary is Viktor Orban, one of, if not, the most autocratic leaders in Europe. Orban has become a hero to the right. He has taken a number of steps to undermine democracy in Hungary. He has consolidated media outlets to the control of his allies and he has greatly expanded his own executive powers. He is an ally of Putin and will not support any sanctions against Russia. Orban is also a strong believer of the “Great Replacement Theory” conspiracy.

The CPAC conference had speakers such as Tucker Carlson, Mark Meadows and Donald Trump, by video. A speaker of note was Zsolt Bayer. Bayer, a Hungarian tv personality has called Jews “stinking excrement”. During the BLM protests, Bayer blogged the following, “Is this the future? Kissing thew dirtry boots of fucking N— and smiling at them?”

This is the direction that the Republicans are taking. Dont’t laugh but if Americans aren’t careful, the US could soon become a version of Hungary.

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