Gift Keeps on Giving

I was torn between giving this chirp the title above or naming it “Stranger than Fiction” Marjorie has a podcast “MTG Live” . In one of her latest podcasts, she was complaining about Big Tech surveillance. She was complaing that Big Tech wants to know if you are eating cheeseburgers. She added, wisely, that this would be bad for Bill Gates because Bill Gates “…wants you to eat his fake meat, which grows in a peach tree dish” I guess she failed science in grade school. A peach tree dish.

But, that is ok. Humanity is going to be gone in a few generations anyway. Because, according to Marjorie, with all this teaching of LGBTQ inclusive sex education, there won’t be any straight people left. She is just crazy enough that the Republicans might just nominate her to run for president in 2028, after Donnie’s 4 year run. There are times I am so glad I am Canadian.

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