Ready for Primetime

The United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack (Committee) will be holding its first primetime hearing on June 9. The Committee has indicated that this will be the first of a number of primetime hearings. These primetime hearings will, of course, have a large tv audience, given that the hearings will be on primetime (duh). This will be the biggest televised hearings since Watergate.

Personally, I did not follow Watergate that much. I was in my teens and had other priorities. I will be watching these hearings intensely. Dancing between the hearings and the NHL playoffs, though more likely focussed on the hearings.

Jamie Raskin, a member on the Committee, says that these hearings “will blow the roof off”. My concern is that the Committee has interviewed over 1,000 people. How are they going to fit all that they unearthed into a few primetime hearings?

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