187 Minutes – 64 Days

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

The January 6 Committee will resume public hearings with a prime time hearing on June 9. Over the next month or so, the world will get insight as to what Donald Trump was doing for 187 minutes on January when the Capitol was under siege. Details, more than we have now, will come out as to all the requests for Trump to stop the seige, to tell the Trump insurrectionists to go home.

The Committee will also flesh out the activities that Trump and his loyalists undertook duriung the 64 days from election day to January 6. This will include Trump’s calls to show up on January 6 because “it will be wild”

FDR, in referring to the attack on Pearl Harbor exclaimed that December 7 “… will be a date which will live in infamy”. December 7 and September 11 were two dates where America was physically attacked. History will show that January 6, itself, plus all the events leading up to January 6, threatened American democracy itself. The threat remains. Because of Trump and his big lie, American democracy will never be the same again. Ever. Election results, from now on, no matters who wins will always be doubted. Brian Kemp won his Republican Gubernatorial primary in Georgia by 50 points over Trump supported David Perdue. Trump is actually claiming that the primary was rigged.

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