Seditious Conspiracy

Attribution to Anthony Crider

The person in the photo above is Enrique Tarrio. He is the leader of the far right extremist group the “Proud Boys. The same group that Donal Trump told to “stand back and stand by”. Tarrio and four of his top lieutenants have been indicted by the Depertment of Justice (DOJ) for seditious conspiracy for the roies they played in the January 6 insurrection.

This is a serious charge. Over 800 rioters have been charged by the DOJ. There are another 350 rioters that they are seeking to bring to justice. The DOJ, with this charge, is signalling that they are expanding the net to the next level up. They are already investigating the plot to install fake electors in a number of states.

One very key point here. Tarrio was not at the Capitol on January 6. The DOJ is not limiting the investigation to those who were at the capitol. They eventually will go after the ringleaders. The noose is ever tightening on Trump world.

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