Chip off the Block

We all know that Donald has a weak, if any relationship, with truth. Looks like Ivanka has a very similar relationship.

We remember what Ivanka said in the prime time January 6 hearing. She was asked what she felt when she heard Bill Barr say that Donald’s claims of election fraud were BS. Ivanka said that she respected Barr and believed what Barr said. Donald, of course, threw Ivanka under the bus by saying that Ivanka had checked out. She was not engaged at all.

Seems both were lying. What a surprise. There was a documentary being filmed on the Trump family, by a British filmmaker. The intent of the documentary was to put the Trump’s in a good light. Filming was done before and after January 6. Seems that Ivanka was very engaged. Donald lied. Seems like Ivanka was supporting her daddy’s claims and said every legal option needs to be pursued. She also said Americans were upset by how this was all playing out. Liar. Liar. Ivanka was under oath when testifying to the Committee, as well

One other item to look forward too. Donald did a number of interviews with the filmmaker. We all know how Donald likes to talk. Waiting for him to show himself guilty

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