They are scum

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

Rusty Bowers is the House Speaker for the State of Arizona. He testified before the January 6 Committee. He indicated that he voted for Trump. Actually, after his testimony, Bowers said that he would vote for Trump again. However, he is a true believer in the constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Arizona. Biden won Arizona. The electors of the state had certified Biden as President. Despite intense pressure by Trump allies, there was no way Bowers was going to overturn thgis decision and go with fake electors. The fake electors, from Arizona, would have certified Trump.

It was obvious, through the testimony, that Bowers is a deeply religious person. During the time that Bowers was pressured, Bowers was called a pedophile and a pervert. Various groups gathered in front of his home threatening him, his family and his neighbours. They terrified his gravely ill daughter. She later passed away. This was not an isolated incident. State officials throughout the US were threatened by similar scum. Protests in front of homes. Given the second amendment, a number of these protesters were armed. Hardly a peep from Republican officials about these scum. Trumpism has sunk America to this level. Sad. Frightening

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