Troubling Times

US Supreme Court Justices – 1973

The last couple of weeks have been troubling and there is the potential that it could go downhill for a while. There is the January 6 hearings. Keep in mind that the Committee is made up of seven Democrats and only two Republicans. However, the makeup of the witnesses testifying, is mostly Trump/Republican loyalists. Almost all of them voted for Trump, and, some would do so again. Their testimonies have been damning with regard to Trump and his allies. Crimes were committed. The hearings have been carried by all the major networks. Fox News did not carry the first hearing at all and have cut away from at least oner other hearing.

People watching the hearings with an open mind would realize that Trump and allies committed crimes. However, if you are a Fox News viewer, your alternate reality does not accept this. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Furthermore, a number of people are not closely following. The reason, contrary to what Fox News is saying, is that no matter what happens, Trump will get away with it.

Two things can happen and they are both not good. Trump might get away with it and democracy could go down the tubes. January 6 and all the events leading to January 6 will just be a practice run for 2024, no matter who wins. If Trump does not get away with it, he will become a martyr, to Trumpers, and there is a strong possibility of massive civil unrest.

So, this chirp, so far has all been about January 6. Then why the image above? Well. The US Supreme Court have made decisions that makes it easier to acquire guns and harder on a woman’s right to choose. These decisions are coming at a time when mass shootings (four or more people injured or killed) are occurring daily and where 70% of the country supports a woman’s right to choose. Mass protests are already occurring following the Courts decision on Roe vs Wade. It will likely get worse. Despite, to me as a Canadian, the weak gun control legislation that was passed in the US this week, these are two issues where this little to no room for compromise. Also, I think the phrase “hell knoweth no fury than a woman scorned” is going to become a harsh reality.

Again, this is the US. Why as a Canadian should I be concerned? I just started on twitter and I am on FaceBook. I am seeing the conversations/chatter on both sites, from both sides of the Canadian political spectrum. It is not good. The political right are feeling their oats. Pierre Poilievre could very well end up being the Conservative leader in September. The Freedom Convoy is making a comeback. It is troubling, it all is. Right now I am not that optimistic.

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