The Day Before

Today is the day before Canada Day. Our flag has been hijacked by anti vaccer and freedom convoy supporters, much to the anger of the majority of the Canadian population. Tomorrow, in Ottawa, there are concerns that these supporters will try to hijack Canada Day, in support of their cause. These supporters have stated they will remain in Ottawa all summer, even longer until Justin Trudeau resigns as Prime Minister. Kind of curious as to who is funding them for this, especially after many claim they have lost their jobs after the February occupation.

Have been looking on Twitter and FaceBook, as well as, news outlets, to see what may occur. Tamara Lich was arrested for breaking her bail conditions. Pat King is still in jail. Of course, both have been loinized by their supporters. However, I remember back before the February occupation, ongoing stories of truckers coming across Canada on their way to Ottawa. I remember how unprepared municipal, provincial and federal officials were regarding the Ottawa and border crossing occupations. This time, I am not hearing anything about cross Canada convoys. They might be happening but, if so, under the radar. Also, all three levels of government seemed to have learned from The February experience and are saying they are prepared for anything that may occur. Then again, Pierre Poilievre and people of his ilk have put the welcome maty in place. So, we will see what happens.

Here is to a happy and peaceful Canada Day.

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